A Close Call: Why Ministry Matters

My call narrative.

Lead Generational Change for Good

FTE video on Intergenerational mentoring (featuring Luther Smith, GE2, and Alisha Gordon)

After Shock

After Shock Sermon, Mark 16:9-15

April 18, 2017 Cannon Chapel, Emory University

The Gifts of Wisdom: Sermonic Reflections on Darkness, Emptiness and the Spirit

Genesis 1:2, Impact Church, Atlanta, GA (May 2016)

This is perhaps the most emotionally taxing sermon I have ever delivered.

An Echo on the Inward Sea: Sermon

Emory University

January 2015

Cut Dead But Still Alive: Ellison's First Book In Context
Who Cares?: Week 1

Perspective of the Passed: Samaritan Sermon

Johns Creek Baptist Church (GA)

June 2015

Who Cares?: Week 2

The Thin Line Between Olives and Grapes: Sermon

Johns Creek Baptist Church (GA)

July 2015

Who Cares?: Week 3

Between a Rock and a Hard Place: Sermon

Johns Creek Baptist Church (GA)

July 2015

Fearless Dialogues: Early Stages of the Movement

Interview by Rev. Skip Masback, Yale Center for Faith and Culture